Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I realized that I had this post in drafts for months. I decided not to edit it, so when it says a month it actually means half a year ago. I hope next time it doesn't take me so long to publish!


Barely a month has passed, but it already seems so so far away. Going back to the university routine - go to class, sleep (a little), work on weekends, repeat - is never easy, but this trimester is being especially tough. Not even because of the workload, which is more or less the same, but beacause of the feeling that something is already ending but you don't really see yet what is about to come and the uncertainty is just too much. 

The trip to Wroclaw was nice. We spent three days (and a half) there, were very lucky with both the apartment and the weather and walked a lot; actually, more than my friends would have liked, but travelling with me is kind of exhausting so it's nothing new. I'm usually an all or nothing when it comes to travelling: walk eight hours a day to see everything or don't go. You know: go big or go home.

We rented an aparment, since we were four and sounded like a better option, and we weren't dissapointed. Small (although in a cosy way), well decorated, with pictures of Marilyn Monroe. What else could you as for? (although the bathroom leak was an unpleasant surprise, but we will forgive them that because of the cutest kitchen ever). It was situated right in the center of the city; and when I say the center, I mean it. Like, in the main town's square, next to the city hall. The architecture in the old (and centrinc) part of the town is something between magnificent and cute. There are gothic style cathedrals - lots of cathedrals - with high and spiky towers and then cheerfully coloured houses that make you thing immediately about Hansel and Gretel and chocolate houses and fairy tales. 

But my favorite part was the university's library. It's was located inside a gothic style building, with a tower and a clock. When we went inside, a woman - we suppose the librarian - came out and started the talk to us in Polish, which was the standard there. Despite the expression of absolute bewilderment on our faces, she didn't switch to English so we still don't know what she wanted. We assumed it was because of the camera - obviously, we took a photo inside anyway - or maybe it was because of the coats since the library had a cloackroom. It will remain a mystery forever.