Friday, April 12, 2013


Spring Break has ended and the new school term is already here. New teachers, new subjects....and the same amount of work. Some of the teachers are nice, others not so much. Like our incredibly elitist contemporary art teacher. I cringe every time she talks about how culture is for those "cultivated" and "educated", so if you didn't get an education in arts, from her point of view, you're nothing more than a poseur who is unable to appreciate "high culture" - because of course, pop culture is out of the question. 

We also started 3D modeling. It's fun an all that but....Autodesk 3d Studio Max, why must you be so damn complicated?? I was doing great until we started to add cameras and travellings to the animations. Sigh. 

This afternoon I finished Demian, by Hermann Hesse. I was actually re-reading it, but the impression it left on me was as strong as the first time. If you have ever come across a good book - and I hope you did - you will know that feeling of slight emptiness when you turn the last page, when you read the last sentence. And the way the story stays with you for hours, even days after you finish. Isn't that an amazing feeling? 

As a side note, I hope I will finally develop that film roll I had in my drawer years? And I will probably bring my Zenit with me to Barcelona this week, so if I don't die under the pile of work that is waiting for me, I may even take some (new) photos. 

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