Friday, July 26, 2013

It feels like summer

I have been on vacation for about two weeks now, but it felt like two days. After finishing my classes I spent a week in Madrid in an immersion English course, although I must say that I learnt more about presentation and marketing than English. Not because I didn't speak it - in theory, you were not allowed to speak Spanish at all - but because all our teacher had some kind of obsession with product development, sales pitches and marketing campaings. Some examples of products we had to "sell" were high heeled shoes for men or roofless houses. You know, easy peasy.

But despite the lack of sleep (I think I managed to get more hours of rest during my final exams), I had fun and met some awesome people. And I never expected Madrid to be such a beautiful city (not pictured above. I didn't bring my camera because of the luggage restrictions. Booo). Without the heat wave it would have been just perfect.

After coming back from Madrid, I have had a lot of free time. Yet days go by incredibly quickly, like if there weren't enough hours in a day. I guess I'm still in "college mode", because I'm constantly worrying about all the things I wanted to do but haven't done yet. Sometimes I wish I could just switch off my brain.

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